Friday, December 12, 2008

Technological innovations boost up spirits

I am amazed to believe how our forefathers, great leaders used to communicate wit their co workers, relatives, & friends without mobile phones. And look at the contrary side of it, now even a kid can not stay without cell phone & knows much about these electronic gadgets better then their elders. Earlier the basic need of a man used be food, shelter, & cloth, but the basic needs of this generation is little different now
:-) Thinking what are they! I will tell u 1st mobile, 2nd personal computer, & 3rd vehicle. Life without these basic needs is zero for a man now.

No doubt, technology wit their new innovations is providing all sorts of comfort, to all different class families and making a better place to live.

I purchased mobile in my first year of MBA 2006 that to when dad forced me to take it, because I had to stay far from home, in Pay in guest. And then my family was little tension free, as they were able to get in touch with me as and when they wanted.

Me & my sister, we both used to literally hate mobile phone, because we used to feel how on earth, anybody can be so attached to a non living thing, and u r available 24 * 7 hrs. But when I got my Samsung X210, then the situation became vice versa. Now I can’t stay without my cell phone, & computer. These are my basic needs which I have to have.

Mobile phones, irrespective of their brands, have shortened the distance in the hour of need & providing security by bridging the gap between our loved and dear ones.

There is 1 big thing which triggers my mind always, that before our independence on 15th August 1947, our great leaders like Gandhi ji, Nehru ji, Ambedkar, Lala Lajjpat rai, Sarojini naidu, Bhagat singh and many more freedom fighters, who sacrificed their lives for our independence. They did all that they wanted too, without using any electronic gadget, for communication, be it a cell phone, computer, fax, or anything. I feel they were hundred times ahead of us, at that point of time when they had nothing. And look at us, we have every alternative source of communication like cell phones, fax, pagers, emails, online websites, orkut, yahoo messenger, rediffmail, FM channels, media, TV and what not, but still we are not able to fight against terrorism. The difference between both the scenario is ‘’SPIRIT’’. ’’They used their spirit as a medium of communication and we all on the other hand, using different mediums of communication to boost up our spirit’’. We all have got this independent country as a gift, at the cost of our great leaders, & fighter’s lives.

I do understand there is more pressure of work, tension, and what not in this scenario, but at some point or the other, we all are mean and self fish. Just imagine if our great leaders, fighters and kranti karees had been selfish for their 50-70 years of life, to be as free, good & smooth as it is now. Then I am sure, at 2:04 in the afternoon on Friday the 12th Dec 08, I wouldn’t have been writing this, instead I would have been doing some work under Britishers.
I get goose bumps when I think of our great leaders. And I don’t know why, but my eyes are wet, while I am writing this.

I salute our great leaders, heroes, jawans, & karanti karees, who didn’t care for their lives, and gave us independent India and freedom of all rights in attorney. Let’s join hands & fight against terrorism, and let’s not let down those lives, who sacrificed their lives for us.

I Priyanka signing off as, Proud to be an Indian.


Mar1 said...

Hey Priyanka, i'm sure times have changed and most of us are wondering where life will eventually take us. Consider the technological levels at which this life will offer when you hit 60 years of age.

Just to give you a head start, google WITRICITY and check out what you get, the best sites are those that have MIT mentioned, as this experiment was conducted by MIT students and their professors.

It is sad how the elderly are precieving our lives, but i'm sure i would love to stick around a little longer when the world keeps advancing.

I would really love to know WHAT'S NEXT!!

Don't you?

Priyanka Ratnam said...

Technology is certainly a blessing☺👍